Monday, August 20, 2012

Grandia 3 ISO download + setup step for pscx2 emulator

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Grandia 3 (Disc 1) ISO ----->

Grandia 3 (Disc 2) ISO ----->  

If there is any dead link email/PM me i will update the links.

LINK updates:
***Links updated as of 1-23-13 -- working
***Links updated as of 11-22-12 -- working
***Links updated as of 9-23-12 --working

Emulator for the game:

Windows ----->

Linux ----->


1. Install the Emulator.

2. open Emulator go to config tab --> plugin/Bios selector.

3. open/select your bios,then press ok. *you need a legal bios.

4. Drag the game ISO that you download and put it where ever you 

5. go to CDVD tab --> Iso selector --> browse --> open/locate the        
     game Iso that you place at Step 4.

6. Now to start the game go to system tab and press boot cdvd            
   (full) or boot Cdvd (fast) any one 1 is ok.

For setting up controls:

1. Go to config tab --> controller Pad --> plugin settings.....

2. Go to pad 1 and set your game keys.


Note that that whole game is about 7GB (Disc1 and 2) so download time will be long for people who has slow download speed.

if you have:
Normal download speed - it will maybe take about 1hour - 2hours.
Slow download speed - it may take about 4hours+.

* A legal playstation 2 bios is needed **can be found 
here -> (under tools )


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